Magdalena River Nuts

10 February, 2022

In the Colombian Caribbean, on the banks of the Mythical Magdalena River and the midst of a natural ecosystem, trees of the Lecythis Minor species, also known as Olla de Mono, grow wild. Scarce resource communities develop around these valleys, seeking to survive through fishing and, in many cases, deforestation of native species in the area.

PROTÉCNICA INGENIERÍA, a company with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing ingredients, has investigated the properties of the nuts fruit of this tree through the project: Magdalena River Nuts.

Producing 100% natural and innovative Ingredients, we support the communities in these areas with training and an alternative source of income, achieving the preservation of this native species and its ecosystem.


100% natural cold-pressed oil for skincare. With excellent hydrating, moisturizing, and emollient properties.

Flour with an average concentration of 1,000 ppm of natural nutritional selenium. Especially suitable for use as a raw material for vitamins, nutraceuticals, beauty products, human and animal nutrition.

With our project, we act on three fronts:

  • The development of communities.
  • The protection of biodiversity.
  • The supply of 100% natural oil and other derivatives such as Selenium present in walnuts.

Since 2018, the Magdalena River NUTS project has been part of the Natural Ingredients that support the Colombia + Competitive program. A joint initiative of the Swiss Embassy in Colombia, Economic Cooperation and Development (SECO), the national government, and the Swiss Cooperation Foundation for Development (SWISSCONTACT) whose purpose is to help improve competitiveness and diversify the national economy through the productive sector (natural ingredients) and the creation of a more favorable environment for business.

Thanks to this support, the Magdalena River NUTS project has, among other things, the validation of the processes, the advice of international experts, support for the development of the communities, and compliance with the requirements for the export of walnut derivatives. They contribute to the development of low-income communities and the cosmetic industry, with ingredients derived from Colombian biodiversity.

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